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SCM Goals – The Seven Rights

The ability to meet customer requirements, for everything from coffee beans to Crocs, is built upon the expectation that everything is done correctly in the supply chain. And that means doing it right the first time – no mulligans, no mistakes are allowed. In the quest to provide quality service and satisfy customers, world-class companies along the supply chain are guided by the Seven Rights of Fulfillment.

If you think about it, every order needs to be executed according to these seven goals. You must attempt to deliver a “perfect order” to every customer every time. Doing it right the first time makes the customer happy, saves the cost of fixing errors, and doesn't require extra use of assets. Thus, every part of the organization has a vested interest in pursuing perfection.

So, what exactly is a “perfect order” delivery? Think about your most recent online purchase. If all Seven Rights of Fulfillment were achieved, then you received a perfect order. What did your perfect order fulfillment entail? The seller had your preferred product available for order, processed your order correctly, shipped the entire order via the means that you requested, provided you with an advanced shipping notification and tracking number, delivered the complete order on time and without damage, and billed you correctly. You're happy, they've done their job right, and you have good reason to visit their website in the future!


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