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Warehouse Operations Manager


Directs the efficient and cost-effective operation of commercial or industrial distribution center(s) or warehousing facilities. Manages inbound activities related to the receipt and storage of goods, inventory management, and claims. Oversees outbound activities related to order-filling, stock replenishment, shipping. Responsible for budgeting, customer service, facility and equipment operation. Administers overall inventory management, productivity, accuracy, and loss prevention programs to ensure that customer requirements are met.

Related Positions

Director of Logistics, Distribution Supervisor, Distribution Center Manager, Warehouse Manager, Warehouse and Delivery Manager, Director of Warehouse Operations.

Key Duties

  • Coordinates inbound and/or outbound activities
  • Implements safety, security, housekeeping, and sanitation programs
  • Responsible for accurate inventory and productivity levels
  • Hires, supervises, schedules, and trains personnel
  • May manage documentation and flow of imported goods through bonded warehouses

Required Skills

Broad knowledge of material handling, warehouse operations and transportation systems required; knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety rules required; strong interpersonal skills with an understanding of diverse backgrounds and an emphasis on communication: training, team building, negotiation skills, interdepartmental interaction, leadership and supervision (motivation, directing) and management (planning, budgeting, projecting revenues, analyzing accounts); computer proficiency.

Career Path

Work experience as a Distribution Supervisor, Production Supervisor, or Logistics Specialist can lead tot his area. Success may lead to opportunities in: Logistics Management, Facility Management, Transportation Director, or Director of Operations.

In their own words…

“You have to be able to communicate ideas clearly with a diverse work-force. To be successful, be open to employee suggestions, and listen!”

“Being a warehouse manager gave me the opportunity to manage people early in my career. I learned quickly that you are only as successful as the team that you manage. I’ve developed an ability to motivate others, resolve conflict, and keep the overall goal insight—all at the same time.”

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