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Master Production Scheduler

Position Summary

Plan and control all scheduling activities supporting assigned brands.  Balance production and inventory levels with demand to support target consistent with 99% customer service levels, inventory turn goals and capacity utilization/staffing requirements.

Develops Sales & Operating Plan summaries for assigned product families and selected SKU’s including demand, inventory and production data. 

Develops feasible, 18-month master production schedules for finished goods and component items based on capacity requirements.  Calculates resulting requirements for raw materials, purchased parts and packaging supplies based on mrp methodology.

Provides daily-bucketed schedules by SKU to manufacturing and installs production compliance metrics to measure performance.

Participates on SAP design teams and leads site installation effort for new system; eliminate the use of off-line spreadsheets and processes for scheduling.

Lead efforts to install standard processes for the Master Production Scheduling function, in accordance with MRPII methodology.

Reports to Director, Production Planning

Principle Relationships

Inside the Company - Manufacturing and Warehouse/Shipping Managers; Plant management and staff; Marketing, Sales Managers, Demand Manager, Purchasing Managers and Buyers, Finance and IT.

International Affiliates - Supply Chain Managers, Production Planners and Buyers, Production Managers, Distribution Managers.

Outside the Company - Production Coordinators at packaging subcontractors; Sales Representatives; communication with some customers.

Supervision – Production Schedulers (where applicable)

Essential Functions

  • Develop valid, feasible production schedules for finished goods and component items based on equipment, labor and raw material availability.
  • Publish and perform root cause analyses on key metrics including Customer Service Level, Actual vs. Scheduled Productions and Master Schedule Stability
  • Interact frequently with sales, marketing and manufacturing personnel to balance supply and demand.
  • Present 18-month demand, production and inventory summaries at monthly S&OP meetings

Other Responsibilities/Detailed Duties

  • Update the 18-month master production schedule for the Americas finished goods weekly.
  • Coordinate supply of finished goods, assembled components and parts to intercompany and distribution centers.  Schedule requirements using SAP Production Planning Module.  Correspond with manufacturing plants, and international affiliates concerning requirements.
  • Achieve target customer service levels and inventory turn levels based on forecast error and bias trends, manufacturing capacity/flexibility and customer service and inventory turn goals.  Review monthly.
  • Review monthly sales forecasts provided by the Demand Manager.  Monitory monthly feed of sales forecasts to DRP module of SAP.
  • Use SAP Capacity Planning tools to determine if production will be constrained in future periods; load level production plan, and identify potential corrective actions such as: working overtime, adding equipment, outsourcing or expediting.
  • As necessary, exercise project leadership for new computer based systems, in both selection and implementation processes.  Using software vendor and other users as sources, learn operation of such system(s).  Coordinate pilot testing.  Conduct training programs for other users in department.
  • Review New Product introductions, and Promotion Calendar to ensure that Supply Chain can support all program requirements.
  • Monitors the Distribution Requirement Plan (STO), and assign priorities based on customer needs and production availability.
  • Provide Purchasing with requisitions and vendor schedules, through SAP.
  • Issues monthly update of quarter-end inventory investment and turn projections for finished goods.  Provide unit and dollar value figures along with analysis of significant changes.
  • Issues actual versus scheduled production metrics weekly and ensure that 95% compliance to schedule is achievable. (Schedule Compliance Metric)
  • Present summary of key information at weekly Management Production meeting.
  • Work closely with Marketing and Demand Manager to plan and execute special and regional promotions.
  • Participate in meetings, and keep up to date on issues related to Sales Forecast, Manufacturing, Planning, New Product introductions, Line Fill Rates, Metrics, and other related Supply Chain issues.
  • Resolve issues by presenting various alternatives for decision at monthly S&OP meetings.
  • Advise Distribution Planner regarding production schedule adjustments and special distribution requirements.
  • Identify materials with no further use, recommend disposition.
  • Coordinate production of assigned subcontractor(s) and movements of materials/product to/from this subcontractor(s).


  • BA/BS degree - Business or Technical
  • APICS certification desirable
  • 5-8 years experience in Manufacturing and/or Materials management, including at least two years in materials management.
  • Experienced user of computer systems.
  • SAP and MRP class "A" experience desirable.

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