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Careers in Supply Chain Management is a powerful portal of knowledge developed for anyone interested in information on supply chain management. This web site has a plethora of information available to students, practitioners, or anyone interested in supply chain management.

What can you expect to gain during your visit?  Supply chain management careers are plentiful but you need to understand what supply chain is, the importance of supply chain management, how careers in supply chain (some still refer to it as careers in logistics and supply chain) impact everyday life. The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) – through its Education Strategies Committee and other volunteers developed this website to be a great resource for you to become familiar with the Supply Chain Management career.


salary outlook for SCM careers

Supply Chain Salary Outlook

Excellent employment prospects, a fast-paced, fulfilling work environment, and the opportunity for career growth all sound great, but you’re still thinking “show me the money.”

career path with SCM

Explore Supply Chain Career Paths

There is no standard career path in supply chain management. You are in control of your own destiny and have the opportunity to pursue hundreds of potential career paths.

SCM profiles

Ten different SCM profiles

Supply chain management offers a wide variety of job options for entry-level managers and beyond. To help you understand profiles have been developed for ten different SCM positions.

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